The Heart of Education:  Bringing Joy, Meaning and Purpose Back to Teaching and Learning can be purchased online at and

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My book offers timeless strategies for bringing Joy, Meaning & Purpose back to teaching & learning.  It is a passionate & practical road map for teachers to create more engaging, caring & high performing learning communities. As a result, students are empowered to thrive, & the positive impact goes far beyond the classroom.

In my book I discuss:

  • How educators can balance academic rigor & accountability with supporting needs of the Whole Child.
  • How we can use language to build trust & increase hope, engagement, & well-being.
  • How to recognize teachable moments to develop resiliency, grit & authentic self-esteem.
  • How virtues based boundaries & restorative justice can create safer schools & end the school to prison pipeline by promoting self-discipline, personal responsibility & integrity.
  • How to increase joy, meaning and purpose through the arts, service learning & by creating a culture of mutual respect & appreciation.
  • How to listen with compassionate curiosity to empower others to find clarity & create their own solutions.

It’s time for educators and administrators to take back our schools and classrooms and bring the passion and promise back into education! The Heart of Education is designed to help you create an environment where students learn to be smart and choose to be good. This is not an add-on curriculum. It is a language and a lens that can be easily integrated into all aspects of a school and community to create a culture of character. It is personal, professional and organizational development all rolled into one. Powerful tools you can use at home and at school.

At a time when teacher morale is at an all-time low, The Heart of Education offers a fresh approach to show both teachers and students that they have value and are valued.

“I completed reading so many books lately. The one I just finished “The Heart of Education” is by Dara Feldman. Here’s what I decided to do: go outside my “box” of science-based books. This book is inspirational for any teacher. While there is useful and practical advice, the big thing is that it can help you recapture your joy and purpose in teaching. A great resource to rekindle your professional life!” – Eric Jensen, Author – Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind

“The Heart of Education takes a sincere and insightful look at the ways we ought to be cultivating thoughtful and compassionate students in our classrooms and homes. Dara’s candid reflection on her own journey is a compelling example of how one person’s commitment to a promise can have such extensive and positive ripple effects across our country. I read it in a night and implemented many of the strategies for building virtues the next day. Her natural narrative around character, coupled with practical strategies for implementation, makes it a go-to manual of how we build positive habits within our young people. A must-read for those pioneering Character Education in their schools.”   – Mitch Bartkiewicz, Assistant Principal, KIPP Memphis Academy Middle School

“Dara’s love and knowledge of education extends well beyond the classroom and into our daily lives. The Heart of Education is an uplifting, passionate roadmap with strategies applicable in the classroom, the workplace and at home.”-Ted Leonsis, Founder, Chairman, Majority Owner, CEO Monumental Sports & Entertainment

“I am moved by what I have read. Such courage, honesty, and common sense!”  -Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard, President Montgomery College

“It’s fitting that the word HEART is part of the title in this book. No educator I know has a bigger heart than nationally acclaimed teacher Dara Feldman. She’s shown this for years while touching the lives of both kids and teachers. This is a wonderful and valuable resource that reminds all of us why we became teachers – to bring out the best in our young people.”– Hal Urban, Author – Lessons From The Classroom: 20 Things Good Teachers Do