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Virtues from “A” to “Z”

by df-admin

Did you ever wonder how to describe/define the different nuances when comparing virtues such as kindness, caring, compassion, empathy and friendliness or how about determination, steadfastness, strength, perseverance and resilience?  Well wonder no more! My dear friend, Scott Feraco, founder and creative director for The “V” Channel has shared the definition of 52 of the [...]

Getting Started with Relationship Building Circles

by df-admin

As this new school year begins, I have been discerning resources I can share that will empower you to get started with circles, that include not only sample circle questions, but also the “what”, “why” and “how”.  ”Teaching Restorative Practices with Classroom Circles“, by Amos Clifford, developed for San Francisco Unified School District, I feel [...]

Virtues Response Circles

by df-admin

Over the past several years I have had the honor of working with thousands of committed educators from all around the world!  I have learned a great deal from these educators, as well as their students! As a result, I have developed a protocol in response to a scenario that I have found comes up [...]

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

by df-admin

Zero Tolerance is not the magic bullet for creating safer schools, Restorative Practices is the way to go! Initially, Zero Tolerance policies were created as a way of consistently enforcing suspension and expulsion policies in response to weapons, drugs and violent acts in the school setting.  Over time, the policies moved beyond the originally identified [...]

Positive Relationships are Key to Effective Learning

by df-admin

“Education literally shapes the child’s brain and likely produces alterations that lay the foundation for all future learning, emotion regulation and social functioning” (Davidson, 2008). Restorative practices that focus on developing positive relationships are essential for learning to take place and help create the conditions for students to thrive. On the contrary, negative relationships often [...]

Spirituality and Education

by df-admin

So grateful and excited to be here at Columbia Teacher’s College for The Spirituality in Education Conference! I feel so at home here, so connected with others and so connected to my life’s purpose. Today is also my daughter, Dani’s, 25th birthday.  She is truly a spiritual being and evidence of what it is [...]

The Making of a Mensch

by df-admin

I am so excited and grateful to be part of Character Day!  I love the Science of Character and this year’s Jewish version, The Making of a Mensch, is wonderful as well! Here is a handout packet to help you dig more deeply into the Middot, Jewish Virtues. MiddotHandoutsDS Click here to link to the [...]

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