Did you ever wonder how to describe/define the different nuances when comparing virtues such as kindness, caring, compassion, empathy and friendliness or how about determination, steadfastness, strength, perseverance and resilience?  Well wonder no more!

My dear friend, Scott Feraco, founder and creative director for The “V” Channel has shared the definition of 52 of the virtues.  The definitions come from The Family Virtues Guide , written by Linda Kavelin Popov, Dr. Dan Popov and John Kavelin. Oprah said of the family guide, “It’s the instruction manual our kids didn’t come with.”

The V Channel is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit media company created to promote the power of virtues. The creative team produces multi-media content that parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches can share with kids of all ages, to inspire youth to choose virtues. Learn more at theVchannel.com. The V Channel’s “V”TOONSTM are a simple and fun way to introduce kids to virtues. To get your FREE PRINT PDF email vtoons@theVchannel.com. Tell them Dara sent you! Learn more at theVchannel.com/vtoons.

I have also attached a set of virtues Appreciation Cards you can print out and use as a reference or way of honoring people for demonstrating different virtues.

If you are interested in having students use their creativity to develop virtues videos for the morning announcements or as PSA, you may want to check out our after school program as a resource/springboard for creativity. Here is a link to Morgan, a “V” Channel kid correspondent, perhaps you will be inspired to start your own V Crew!

As we say in The “V” Channel…wishing you and your children, “Victory via virtues!”

With enthusiasm,