Wow, it is hard to believe that  just a week ago I had the joy and honor of being in New Zealand for the regional Virtues Project Mentorship, sharing Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, teaching about Restorative Practices, facilitating A Pace of Grace Retreat for our Japanese Facilitators and then going to Tasmania to facilitate a 2 day Introduction to The Virtues Project for leaders!

In 15 hours I will be on my way to Kenya for The Virtues Project Global Mentorship and to speak with families, students, educators, business leaders, government officials and communities.  Given that the team in Kenya has worked with such steadfastness, diligence and devotion planning these events for over a year, I thought it would be nice if the founder of The Virtues Project kicked off the festivities!

Here is a link to a videoclip of Linda Kavelin Popov, my mentor and dear friend, sharing a brief history of the project and how the 5 Strategies can be used to elevate people to be the best they can be, to live a meaningful life of honesty and integrity.  It starts by Speaking the Language of Virtues to our children and helping them remember who they truly are.

I hope you enjoy my chat with Linda!

Wishing you much joy, meaning and purpose always and in all ways,